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Experience of Smith, Costello & Crawford

Energy issues continue to be a global focus of our society and impact on our economy.  At Smith, Costello & Crawford, our combined years of experience dealing with energy issues provides clients with an unmatched advantage.  We have in-depth experience related to generation, transmission, and energy procurement issues.  Our experience includes permitting, public relations, and regulatory compliance for both large and small projects.  We have represented clients in local, state and federal regulatory forums, including ISO New England and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.  Whatever the issue, Smith, Costello & Crawford is capable of finding solutions and getting results.

With over 30 years of experience working on local and federal highway, road, and bridge projects, Smith, Costello & Crawford have a proven track record in supporting clients in the transportation sector.  In the area of public transportation, our team has been involved in major rail projects throughout the state.  The level of expertise Smith, Costello & Crawford possesses with the many different industries and trades in the public transportation sector provides a client with an advantage during the planning, presentation and approval phases of a project.

Coalition Building and Associations
Smith, Costello & Crawford is very successful at bringing individual groups, businesses and professions together to form umbrella advocacy organizations to maximize resources and effectiveness.  For individual trade and business organizations, our team can help rebrand the organization, develop a strategic plan, launch a public relations campaign, and craft and implement legislative and regulatory programs.

Campaigns and Ballot Questions
The partners in Smith, Costello & Crawford have spent decades in elective office and in managing numerous campaigns.  Running campaigns for their own candidacy, to campaigns for statewide office, and to multiple ballot questions, the unique background of the firm can provide clients with the experience, creativity and organizational skills to win.  This includes sixteen candidate elections – municipal, state legislature and constitutional offices - and seven statewide ballot questions, all winners. Local, regional and statewide campaigns are vibrant living events that demand experienced production and analysis of polling data, bullet proof messaging, and strategic planning and execution to win the election.  Our firm has the track record and skills to successfully achieve a client’s goal in an election.

Financial Services
Regulatory involvement and oversight of financial services is front and center.  At Smith, Costello & Crawford, we support our clients in the financial services field by communicating and advocating in critical areas.  Our experience includes issues dealing with the private loan industry, asset management, mutual funds, life insurance, data protection, privacy and retirement plans.  Through years of establishing relationships between the private and public sectors, we are able to open dialogue corridors for our clients with federal and state legislators and regulators.

Smith, Costello & Crawford is experienced and knowledgeable about gaming issues and with local, state, and federal decision makers responsible for addressing gaming policy.  We can assist with funding, site acquisition, environmental requirements, and government approvals.  We understand the competitiveness of the gaming industry and work to position our client for the most competitive advantage.  We can provide you with an experienced team of advocates to fulfill your needs.

Smith, Costello & Crawford is proud of our relationships with numerous non-profit organizations whose various missions serve a wide array of public and private needs.  We assist in ensuring compliance with best practices in corporate governance and financial reporting at the state and federal level.  Advancing our non-profit clients’ interests is accomplished through advocacy in the network of government entities regulating such organizations, and by advising them on best practices for governance.

The healthcare sector continues to grow, and so do its issues surrounding costs, ownership, operations, environmental impacts, access, billing and insurance.  Smith, Costello & Crawford experience in the health care sector provides clients with the knowledge that their best interests are being protected.  We have represented healthcare providers, including hospitals and healthcare professionals, and testing facilities which are all regulated in various ways at the state and federal level.  We can address your needs with respect to regulatory oversight, financing, public relations, crisis management, and compliance.

Real Estate Development
We understand the critical importance of permitting, site selection, costs, and funding when it comes to real estate development projects.  Our experience includes project management, local zoning issues, funding, traffic issues, and environmental procedures for projects large and small.  We have represented clients before local zoning boards, local governments, and assist in navigating through the state’s permitting process.  We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your best interests are met.

Smith, Costello & Crawford is experienced at addressing diverse issues in the field of education policy and regulation.  Our firm has represented client interests from private student loan providers to higher education providers.  We advocate for our client’s position and represent their needs in various forums where decisions are made that can significantly affect the success or failure of the enterprise in the “education” space.  The business of education is evolving and Smith, Costello & Crawford helps keep clients ahead of the curve.

The pharmaceutical biotechnology field is a growing sector across the country, and especially in Massachusetts.  With daily breakthroughs in pharmacology, it is critical for companies to maintain close watch over regulatory agencies.  Smith, Costello & Crawford is experienced at representing clients in the pharmaceutical industry.  Our client list has included pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, and pharmacies.   The firm’s advocacy team can address improving reimbursement rates, accessibility to medications, and availability of quality services.