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State & Local Government Relations

Legislative Lobbying
Smith, Costello & Crawford has unparalleled experience working in the legislative process.  With more than 80 years of combined hands on experience, we quickly analyze your needs, work with you to find effective solutions and execute the strategy.  Through strong relationships built over decades, we are capable of presenting clients and their views to policy decision makers to resolve issues or bring innovative ideas and solutions to light.

Services include:
  • governmental advocacy
  • legislative drafting
  • filing legislation
  • tracking legislative actions
  • issue awareness
  • coalition building and community outreach

Regulatory Assistance
Smith, Costello & Crawford assists clients in formulating and executing strategies in highly regulated situations and representing them in various regulatory and administrative forums.  

We have successfully represented clients before:
  • regulatory agencies
  • licensing boards
  • permitting boards at local and state levels of government

Site Plan and Permit Approval

Through our combined experience in:
  • construction
  • environmental permitting
  • site planning
  • local zoning
  • building codes
  • other state or local development requirements
We are able to assist clients from concept to construction. Whether it is guidance through a permitting process or solving a critical issue, Smith, Costello & Crawford can obtain the results needed to ensure your goal is successfully achieved.

Funding and Appropriations

Smith, Costello & Crawford understands the importance of funding for many organizations.  We assist in locating and securing funding from various sources to help grow your organization.  Our knowledge of state budgeting and financing provide clients with the tools necessary for targeting funding opportunities and getting results.

Federal Government Relations

The services of Smith, Costello & Crawford reach far beyond the borders of Massachusetts and New England.  Our firm has extensive experience working with members of Congress, the White House, and federal agencies. Clients can expect personal representation from Smith, Costello & Crawford in Washington D.C. and with local federal agencies.

Public Policy

Shaping public policy is a highly demanding and intricate process that requires a clear strategy, targeted messages, and the ability to persuade policymakers. Smith, Costello & Crawford assists clients through the public policy process from start to finish, utilizing our expertise in:

  • politics
  • economics
  • law
  • funding
  • campaigning
  • advocacy
We utilize a number of goal-appropriate tactics and tools to ensure our clients’ needs are addressed.  

Regulatory Affairs

Not all interactions with government are in legislative forums.  Many of our clients’ involvement with government are a result of regulatory interaction.  A variety of regulatory agencies exist at the local, state and federal levels that can affect the success or failure of a project or even an entire business. Smith, Costello & Crawford offers the ability to communicate with regulators before rules and regulations are put into effect.  By addressing client concerns at early conceptual and drafting stages, the difficult process of undoing that which has been done can be avoided. 

We have extensive experience and knowledge appearing before:

  • boards
  • regulatory agencies
  • other governmental bodies
We provide quality advocacy in a variety of non-court forums.